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Does Amazon Echo Have An Aux Input For Speakers?

Technology is changing rapidly, and how devices connect continues to evolve.

Rather than connecting devices with cords, the latest devices connect through Bluetooth and WiFi.

Despite the changes in connectivity, many users prefer to use wires to join their devices.

For many tech users, the AUX (auxiliary) cord is alive and well in their lives.

Many people have smart devices, like the Amazon Echo, in their homes.

These little devices provide many uses around the house, and many wonder how to use Alexa as a speaker with AUX.

Fortunately, Amazon recognizes that users still appreciate being able to plug an AUX cord into the Echo.

The tech giant has not yet removed the old-school input.

What’s an AUX?

To better understand how to use Alexa as a speaker with AUX, it’s essential to understand what an AUX is.

People tend to be familiar with the AUX input in their car’s dash.

This 3.5mm opening is the AUX input. It allows you to connect devices through your car’s speakers.

The AUX input allows users to connect their smartphones to their cars unless they have a new iPhone.

Some vehicles no longer have AUX inputs and rely on Bluetooth or streaming services like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

The AUX input also allows users to connect headphones to their Android phones, MP3 players, or older iPhones.

Unfortunately, Apple removed the AUX input from their newer-model phones, forcing users to connect headphones through WiFi or attach a converter dongle.

With Apple confidently removing the AUX input, it’s safe to say more manufacturers will do the same soon.

When you use an AUX device, you don’t have to worry about lags from WiFi issues.

You can use several AUX cords to connect more than one device to make audio more robust.

Older cars don’t always have Bluetooth or WiFi, but they usually have AUX cords so drivers can listen to their favorite playlists on their smartphones.

If you connect your smartphone or MP3 player to your Echo with an AUX cord, you instantly change your Echo into a speaker.

What is an Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is the smart device that runs Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant.

Amazon offers several variations of the Echo, and not all of them have AUX inputs.

These Echo models have AUX inputs:

  • Echo 3rd Generation
  • Echo Plus
  • Echo Studio
  • Echo Auto

An Echo with an AUX input connects the device with an AUX output.

Most Echo devices have AUX output devices, but these do not work as speakers, like those with AUX inputs.

Along with having AUX plugs or holes, the Echo offers users access to Alexa technology.

Alexa uses voice commands to connect you to the Internet and other smart devices in your home.

Why Use an Echo as a Speaker?

As technology changes, speakers get smaller.

Amazon Echos are small devices you can hold with one hand, but they are packed with technology.

When you plug in your smartphone with an AUX cable, the little speaker and skinny plug deliver robust sound.

Your Amazon Echo has impressive sound quality, and it can sync with other smart speakers around your home or office.

You can play music from any playlist or digital music library.

You can also set timers, so your music plays automatically.

While you are playing music on your Echo, Alexa can continue to answer your questions.

Do Amazon Echo Devices Have AUX Outputs?

Yes. All Echo devices come with their own AUX outputs.

With the little cable, you can connect your Echo Dot or Echo Auto to a speaker.

Unfortunately, while all Echo devices have outputs, most do not have inputs.

They can act as the music provider, accessing your favorite playlists, but they cannot connect to other music devices.

You can use all Echo devices as speakers through Bluetooth or Amazon Music services.

You could connect your Echo Auto to your vehicle through an AUX cable to play your favorite songs while on the road.

The Echo Auto does not have its own internal speaker, so it must connect to a speaker, like the ones in your car.

The Echo Dot does not have a high-quality speaker.

Many Echo Dot owners connect their devices to better speakers when they want to rock out with their favorite tunes.

Why Use the Echo AUX Input?

When learning how to use Alexa as a speaker with AUX, you should know when to use the device as a speaker.

The Echo Studio has a power speaker, so it is a good choice to use with an AUX input.

The Dot doesn’t need an input because it doesn’t have a good speaker.

All Amazon Echo devices have a simple build, so finding the AUX port is easy.

Despite the simple structure, connecting a device isn’t always easy.

If you find that your Echo isn’t playing your device through the AUX cable, you have to troubleshoot.

The first step is to check that you are using a 3.5mm AUX cable.

Then, plug the cord into the Echo.

Check the connection on your output device. Turn up the volume and push play.

If the music doesn’t play, you might have to change the output source on your music device.

You might also have to check the input source on your Echo.

What Connects to an Echo?

You can connect several types of devices to your Echo.

Devices with Bluetooth can connect to an Echo, but these devices can connect with an AUX cable:

  • Smartphones: All Androids, plus iPhone 6 and older
  • MP3 players
  • iPods
  • Tablets

You can also connect your Echo to your PC or laptop with a micro-USB port.

Does the Echo Have a Battery?

Your Amazon Echo does not come with a rechargeable battery.

So, if you want to listen to music, you have to plug your Echo into a power source.

Since most people keep their Echo devices in their homes, they do not worry about power issues.

If you have an Echo Auto, you need to keep it plugged into your car while listening to music through it.

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