Riley L.

At 18, I headed off to study music business in college with the intention of becoming a recording artist. That didn't happen, but it did give me greater insight into the music industry. As a filmmaker and amateur singer-songwriter, I use a lot of recording equipment in a variety of settings and scenarios. I play guitar very badly, ukulele worse, and am an admirer (occasional purchaser) of unusual instruments. A million years ago, I was a runner-up in a songwriting contest. Favorite artists: The Corrs, Kasey Chambers, Mavis Staples, David Ford, Beth Hart, Amanda Marshall, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Kathy Mattea, Linda Eder

85+ Songs About Rivers


What is a river really? A place of life? Of power? Of salvation? Or a place of sadness? Blight? Danger? Death? A river can be all of these things, many at the same time, which may be what makes them such frequent subjects (or symbols) for song. When it comes to river songs, the rivers …

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Signature Songs: I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard

Some songs are so iconic, they eclipse everything else in an artist’s catalog. These songs are signature songs, the songs artists become associated with for the rest of their careers and for future generations. Artists with signature songs are not to be confused with one-hit wonders who have only one successful song over the entirety …

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What Is Singing?

Andrea Corr and Sharon Corr Singing Corrs concert Los Angeles

Singing is something we instinctively know when we hear it. And when we do it. It is more melodious than speaking, which generally makes it more pleasing to the ear. But what is singing exactly? What differentiates it from common speaking? And what makes it so much more impactful for many of us? What is …

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