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How To Improve Your Guitar Playing

So, you’ve decided to pick up the guitar and you want to be able to play it as well as Eric Clapton. Well, it takes a lot of practice in order to get that good at the instrument, but there are still ways that you can get better without spending a lifetime of playing to […]

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Which Audio Format Is Best For Recording?

If you are a musician, there are many challenges that you likely face. One of them is the format in which you should record audio. For anyone who needs clarification, an audio format is basically the file format that you would use to store music on your computer. Examples of formats are wma, mp3, wav, […]

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Best Ways To Store A Guitar

Proper storage of a guitar is important for any guitar owner regardless of their level of expertise or usage. Improper storage could spell disaster for a variety of reasons – a reduction of longevity, potential water damage (or other general exposure to the elements), etc. There are a lot of questions that go into this, […]

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5 of the Best iOS Apps for Making Music

More and more people are now using their iPhones and their iPads in order to make music. Making music as people would realize is not exactly easy so the use of the right applications can be very helpful. These applications make it possible for people to have a chance to make their own music and […]

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