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Fender Squier Jaguar Short Scale Bass Guitar Pack Review

If you have always wanted to learn to play bass, but felt you could not afford it or did not know where to start, you no longer have an excuse.

This Squier Jaguar Short Scale bass package from Fender has everything you need to get started, and enough helpful accessories to allow you to play a little the day you get it home.

It comes with an amp, tuner, instructional DVD, headphones and a strap.

It is a short scale, and has a thin neck, so is great for children with small hands.

That makes it easy to handle and learn on as well, even for adults with larger hands.

It is made by Fender, a company that is world renowned for making outstanding guitars, so the quality is there.

It is fairly low cost for all you get, so even if you never become a serious musician, it isn’t too much of a risk of money to try.

Top Features

  • Fender Squier Jaguar Short Scale Bass Guitar PackMaple neck with a 20-fret fingerboard made of rosewood. Small scale makes fingering easy.
  • Two pickups – one in the middle and one on the bridge.
  • 15-watt Fender Rumble solid state amp. It has volume, treble and bass controls, along with a headphone output and an input socket.
  • Accessories include a tuner, DVD of instruction, cable and strap. It also comes with strings and a gig bag.
  • Headphones so you can practice privately.
  • Fender backs this instrument with a five year warranty.

Our Favorite Things About It

  • The quality. This is a basic good quality Fender instrument. As a beginning you do not want to spend a fortune, but you still need a good enough instrument to give yourself a chance. This one does that.
  • The price. Related to the quality. If you try learning to play and it does not work out, you wont feel like you lost a fortune. It is a great price to get a quality instrument to get started on.
  • The size. The smaller scale makes it easier to handle and play, regardless of age of the person. Beginners need every advantage and this is one.
  • The package. It is a great idea to put a package together like this to encourage people to get started. It would cost a lot more to buy all this separately. Fender did a nice job putting this package together that should help sales of this nice beginner instrument.
  • Headphones. This is a nice touch. Especially when you are starting, you are going to make strange noises. With the headphones you can do so privately and not bother the neighbors until your sound gets better.

Things We’re Not So Crazy About

  • The strings. They are the cheaper round wound springs, and we don’t know why they chose to put cheap ones on a good instrument. You would be better off to buy better strings and not bother with these.
  • It’s for beginners. Once you start learning, you will want better quality strings and probably a better quality tuner – and a better guitar at some point. If you are an accomplished player, you may find this one a bit lower than what you like. It is limited to those just beginning to play, but it is a great value for that.
  • No stand. You need a stand for your guitar, even as a beginner. They are not real expensive, but it would have been great if one had been included in this package.

This Is A Good Buy For…

This Squier Jaguar bass is great for beginners. The package makes it an even better deal.

For the price, this is a great deal for someone who wants to learn to play.

It is definitely good enough to learn on, and after you advance some, you can decide if you want something better.

Probably Not So Great For…

It really is for beginners. Accomplished players will find it limited.

While it is good for beginners, serious and accomplished players can find better instruments for not that much more money.

Final Thoughts

This package is a great value for anyone wanting to learn to play bass guitar.

The short scale makes it great for teens or younger people, and the short scale makes it easier for adults to play as well.

It has everything you need – except for a stand – to get started.

You can learn enough on your own to get a good taste for playing, and then private lessons if you want to go further.

It is good enough quality since it is a Fender, to give the beginner a chance.

It is hard enough to learn without trying to learn on one that is hard to play.

While it does have what you need as far as accessories, as you advance you will want better quality. It is a nice trade-off really.

On the other hand, if you decide you are not that interested and don’t want to pursue playing further, you will not have invested a tremendous amount.

Advanced players probably should avoid this one as you probably already have accessories and you can spend on the instrument alone to get higher quality.

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