How To Improve Your Guitar Playing

So, you’ve decided to pick up the guitar and you want to be able to play it as well as Eric Clapton. Well, it takes a lot of practice in order to get that good at the instrument, but there are still ways that you can get better without spending a lifetime of playing to catch up with Clapton. Below we share some of our tips with you.

1. Always know what you want to practice.

Is there something specific that you want to improve on? If so, that should be your main focus. Some guitar players want to improve on their writing not necessarily their skill. The key to getting better at your craft it to consistently practice, practice, practice. If you are a beginner, start with a simple goal and mind and practice that goal until you have become successful, then move on to the next. You should be practicing this goal every day.

2. Technique

At some point almost every guitarist wants to focus on their technique. This is where practice comes into play again since technique is about repetition and muscle memory. When focusing on your technique it’s important that you don’t try to over think about what you’re doing. This takes a lot of time and dedication. To become an amazing guitarist that means hours upon hours of daily practice.

3. Practice standing and not sitting

Almost always you will be standing if you were to perform a concert with a band. If that’s the case you should always practice while standing. But if you’re just learning for fun or to play around the campfire, then you can lounge with a cute little travel guitar and play practice however you’re most comfortable.

4. Learn how to play all versions of each chord

There are so many versions of the different chords everywhere and you should learn them all. This will show potential bandmates that you know what you’re doing and can play whatever they ask quickly. The knowledge of all of this will land you so many different types of opportunities in the music industry besides being a guitar player.

5. Hand position

Hand position is so important when it comes to guitar playing. Pick positions as well as your hand movements can change the way your music sounds. Practice moving your hands in different positions and you can hear a sharper sound and a warmer sound. And if you’re having trouble getting your hands where they need to be, then accept that you might need a 3/4 scale guitar in order to get your hands around it the right way. Don’t believe that pedals are the only way to change sound.

6. Pick the right pick

Make sure you are using the right pick. There are hundreds of different types of picks. Experiment with as many as you can to make sure you found that one that sounds great and makes you feel comfortable.

7. Play with other people

Not everyone plays the guitar the same. By playing with other people you will learn faster. You can notice their unique style and maybe give you ideas. Different people have different influences, they should all be explored.

8. Change your strings

You should always explore with different gauges of strings. Heavier strings can help change the tone and work on your finger strength. Simply changing your string gauge can change the way you play your music all-together. You should consider changing your strings often.

9. Confidence is number one

If you have confidence in yourself then you have everything. You should always believe in what you do and wanting to improve your craft. Practice as much as you can and perform in as many coffee houses, house parties etc. Experimenting with different genres of music is also just as important.

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