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Music Puns To Rock Your World

Hey, Music Lovers! Looking sharp!

Hope you’re feeling upbeat, because we’ve ensembled our best off-the-clef music puns that we hope will be music to your ears.

So, meter us halfway and pitch in with the laughs, will ya?

Now, let’s transition.

General Music Puns

These music puns are good for all occasions.

sheet music with text "music holds the key"

  • Music holds the key.
  • Music beats all.
  • Music is instrumental to the arts.
  • The best music is well-staffed.
  • Some people get étude while studying music.

sheet music with text musical grouping are suite

  • Musical groupings are suite.
  • Quick changes in music gives me a trill.
  • Let’s not play two melodies together. Counterpoint, let’s do.
  • This song is up and down! It’s very octave!
  • Let’s hit the bars.

two women singing a duet

  • Just du-et.
  • Cows make moo-sic.
  • Cats make meow-sic.
  • Fussy babies make mewl-sic.
  • Donkeys make mule-sic.

Musician Puns

These puns are specifically about musicians.

coda sign with text musicians have a coda

  • Musicians have a coda.
  • Musicians are sharp.
  • Musicians make a concerted effort.
  • Sometimes musicians fall flat.

rock band plays in front of mountain

  • Musicians band together.
  • Sometimes, musicians are trebled.
  • Musicians are composed, but songwriters are composer.
  • Snakes make good musicians. They have great scales.
  • Sweet potato musicians have yam sessions.

Punny Music Jokes

These music jokes all feature punny punchlines.

Q: What’s a baseball player’s favorite music?

A: Swing.

Q: What is a musician’s favorite thing about baseball?

A: The pitch.

Q: Why do bar musicians have to drop key changes from their songs?

A: The bar can’t serve minors.

Q: What fish are natural-born musicians?

A: Tune-a.

Q: Why do guitarists make such good office workers?

A: They’re great at shredding.

Q: I’ve got a great joke about a staccato.

A: But it’s too short.

Q: I’ve got a great joke about a fermata.

A: But it’s too long.

Q: Why did the woman stop listening to music in 4/4 time?

A: People kept waltzing into her room.

Q: What’s a midwestern soda’s favorite style of music?

A: Pop.

Q: What’s a rabbit’s favorite musical style?

A: Hip hop.

Q: What are astronauts’ favorite songs?

A: Nep-tunes.

Q: Why are programmers good musicians?

A: They’ve got algo-rhythm.

Q: What did the school band teacher yell when the students kept missing the pauses in their sheet music?

A: Stop. You’re under a rest!

Q: What accessory makes music on your head?

A: A headband.

Q: Why are bad musicians always just standing outside doors?

A: They can’t find the key and don’t know when to come in.

Q: What did the musician do when she couldn’t figure out the tempo?

A: She kept going back to the bar.

Q: What do music and recipes have in common?

A: They’re both measured.

Q: Why wouldn’t they let the teenager play a major scale?

A: Because he was a minor.

Q: Why don’t musicians ever buy a vowel on Wheel of Fortune?

A: They prefer the consonance.

Well, did we Rock your world by chants or did these music puns give you the Blues?

Don’t Pop off. We’re Rapping up. And we’ll try to aton(al).

Let’s make an A-chord you won’t hold this against us.

Please, don’t send us to our grave.

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