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Mother’s Day Every Day With These 5 Great Songs For Mom

There are literally thousands of songs about moms. Of course, there are.

Moms are some of those people who simply stir those sentimental, songwriting tendencies. (Well… the good ones are at least.)

So, if you’re searching for that perfect song for Mother’s Day, Mom’s birthday, or some other special mom-honoring occasion, you won’t be without choices.

But, while you’re out there sorting through that unending list of mom songs, we’d like to recommend a few songs you may not have thought of for mom and some Mom-specific songs that were easy to miss.

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Our 5 Best Mom Songs (You Might Have Missed)

1 – Eagle When She Flies – Dolly Parton

I know, I know, I lean heavily on Dolly, but it’s not my fault she’s such a good songwriter and this song, to me, is the ultimate Mom song.

Or the ultimate “My Mom” song.

I made my mom a mix CD a few Christmases ago (yeah, that’s right, I’m super old school), and included this song with a note in the liners that I always think of her when I hear it. (She liked that.)

Honestly, I think this is a song suited to most of the moms in our lives – most of the women in our lives, really – and it’s got that throat-lump inducing quality.

Which we encourage.

Because there is nothing we like more than making Mom happy cry on Mother’s Day.

Dolly Parton - Eagle When She Flies

2 – Angel – The Corrs

This song has been on and off this list repeatedly as I tried to decide if I really wanted to include a song where Mom is already gone.

In the end, I decided I had to.

Not just as a celebration to those mother figures who are no longer with us, but because this song is an absolutely unapologetic ode to Mom.

Written by The Corrs after the unexpected death of their mother, Jean, Angel is surprisingly upbeat given its subject matter.

It also has a killer bridge (which is WAY more killer when you hear it live) and exactly the right amount of tin whistle for any mom song.

The Corrs - Angel (Official Music Video)

3 – Bring My Flowers Now – Tanya Tucker

This song is sad. Sorry.

I don’t love songs that make me sad about Mom either, but they do happen… like more than they should.

And I know this song is not specifically about moms – it makes reference to a lot of the important people in our lives – but, let’s be real, Mom is probably the person you don’t bring those flowers to often enough.

Note: I wouldn’t play this one for Mom on Mother’s Day.

Instead, it might be worth listening to yourself as a reminder to appreciate Mom while she’s still around.

Tanya Tucker - Bring My Flowers Now

4 – Mama, A Rainbow (Broadway’s Minnie’s Boys)

Given Broadway’s extensive repertoire about moms, it’s hard to imagine one of its best – if not its very best – ode to moms comes from a not-particularly-well-received and short-lived musical about the Marx Brothers.

Yup. Those Marx Brothers.

The comedic ones.

But the musical wasn’t just about the Marx Brothers.

It was about the Marx Brothers… and their Mom. Hence the name.

This mom song is about as sentimental as they get, because it hides absolutely nothing.

All of that schmaltzy, saccharine stuff we sometimes feel for Mom is right there, center stage, not even a little bit embarrassed.

Translation: Mom will freakin’ love it.

(Broadway stars and lounge singers certainly do. This one is a favorite of the cabaret circuit and on cover albums.)

Here it is sung by (largely) Off-Broadway musical theater star, Bill Daugherty.

5 – Mommies Are The Best (Bob’s Burgers)

Short and to the point, the title says it all.

By far the most on the nose of our mom songs, this one virtually screams “Happy Mother’s Day.”

As well it should.

It’s from a Mother’s Day episode of the animated TV show Bob’s Burgers.

It’s much too brief (the entire song could be a chorus and I could do with about five verses of this one), but it’s spunky, it’s happy, and it leaves nothing to the imagination.

And since it will stick in your head like a cleaver, you and mom will be probably be dueting on this one for days.

Mommies Are the Best

Happy Mother’s Day!

That’s it. Our top five (not-quite-as-well-known) songs for mom on Mother’s Day and beyond.

Now, get Mom’s feet up, get her a fine meal, and get to celebrating.

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