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Google Chromecast Audio Alternatives: The Best Options (2022 Update)

Google Chromecast Audio was a very similar device to Google Chromecast, but with different cables and streaming capabilities.

Where Chromecast was created to beam shows and movies to your TV from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, Chromecast Audio was created to beam music to your speaker system from streaming music services like Spotify and Google Play.

As of 2019, Google Chromecast is discontinued, leaving users who have gotten used to the device’s sleek design and integration scouring the marketplace in a search for similar products.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Chromecast Audio, here are a few possibilities.

None of these will truly replace Chromecast Audio, but they will give a decent approximation.

Google Chromecast

While Chromecast Audio has been discontinued, Google Chromecast is still on the market, and it offers the closest available alternative to Chromecast Audio.

It should. It is, after all, practically the same device designed for different utility.

Google Chromecast (3rd Generation)
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If, by chance, your stereo/speaker system is already hooked up to your TV, integration with Google Chromecast is super easy.

Simply stream to Google Chromecast through your audio program as normal. (Chromecast should appear as a device option in Spotify and Google Play as soon as you set it up in the Google Home app.)

If your stereo/speaker system is separate from your TV, you’ll have to get a little more creative.

You can use an HDMI splitter to direct the audio signal from the TV to your audio system.

This can cause some latency issues, so it’s essential to use high-quality cables when connecting.


AudioCast is exactly like Chromecast Audio. Like exactly.

It looks the same. It connects the same way. 

In fact, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they were churned out by the same factory. (Not saying they are. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised.)

It’s basically the generic version of Chromecast Audio.

Audiocast Bluetooth Car Kit, Bluetooth Receiver, Car Bluetooth Adapter Wireless Music Receiver Audio Adapter Hands-Free Call 3.5mm Aux A2DP Aptx HiFi Stereo Output for Home Car System, Spotify, Pandora, Speaker
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Since it is the generic version of Chromecast Audio, it works… well, generically.

A simple gander at the AudioCast app reviews on Google Play or the App Store will show you that it works for some people, doesn’t work for others, might work for a minute, or might only work with certain music services.

And you have to go through the AudioCast app to send any music to the AudioCast device.

Can’t say we recommend this one, but if you are most concerned about finding something just like Chromecast Audio, this is your answer.

Amazon Echo Link

If you’re not opposed to getting caught up in the Amazon eco system, then the Amazon Echo Link is a good Chromecast Audio replacement or alternative.

Amazon Echo link

What’s great about the Amazon Echo Link is that you can stream music using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – but it also has the capability to connect via digital or analog line in.

The Amazon Echo Link is an idea Chromecast audio replacement for the audiophile who already has some good speakers and maybe a receiver for home audio needs.

Amazon echo link connections

With this device, you get voice control music selection and playback with your compatible Echo device or the Alexa app.

Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter

When it comes to streaming music from your apps to your speakers, it really is just a matter of linking your speakers up to your house’s WiFi.

That’s the idea behind the Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter.

Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter Black
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Bose SoundTouch works like Chromecast Audio in that it connects to your speaker system via cables, then you just send the audio signal over WiFi and it plays it through the speaker system.

The biggest difference is that SoundTouch is considerably more expensive than Chromecast Audio at around $150 MSRP.

Bluetooth Audio Adapter

We know, we know. Streaming over Bluetooth doesn’t provide the same audio quality as streaming over WiFi.

But a quality Bluetooth adapter with a good sound system can come pretty dang close. And it’s similar to Chromecast Audio in a lot of ways.

A Bluetooth audio adapter is compact, inexpensive, and always ready to go once installed.

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming
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You won’t get the same quality, but if you’ve got a high-end sound system with good quality speakers and connectors, some of the lossiness can be made up on the receiving end.

And it’s cheaper than a WiFi pass-through.

WiFi Receiver

Not at all comparable in terms of price, if it’s sheer sound quality you’re looking for to replace Chromecast Audio, it’s hard to beat a WiFi-enabled receiver.

And it works just like Chromecast Audio. Simply send your music from your streaming service to the device.

A WiFi receiver is ideal for those who already have quality speaker setups, or those who are looking to set up a high-definition, premium listening environment.

Hook up your good speakers, and you’re basically listening to your music apps through a real stereo.

The final sound quality is entirely dependent on the speakers you connect.

As far as sound and versatility, this is your best option for replacing Chromecast Audio, but it will cost you hundreds of dollars (thousands, if you’re buying speakers too) instead of tens of dollars.

Our favorite Wifi Receiver options:

Sonos or Bose Speakers

If you don’t already have speakers, you may actually save money by buying a WiFi-enabled speaker system instead of going the independent receiver route.

Sonos and Bose smart speakers are designed specifically with streaming music in mind, have excellent sound quality, and don’t require any additional devices to make them work.

They are, however, pricey. Real pricey.

If you want a full sound system, it will cost you upwards of $1,000, but when it comes to the sound, it’s worth it.

Our favorite option right now is the Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System.

 Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System
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Is Google Re-Launching Chromecast Audio?

In July 2022, people began to notice signs of Google preparing to launch a Chromecast audio replacement.

Or at least something that has the same or a similar functionality to Chromecast audio.

Eagle-eyed sleuths noted that this new device is being referred to as “YND” and it seems that YND will run on the same software as a traditional Chromecast.

But so far, there is no word on when we’ll see the release of a successor to the Chromecast Audio direct from Google.

Chromecast Audio: Set to make a RETURN?

Final Word

When it comes down to it, there is no true alternative to Google Chromecast Audio.

If you’re looking for comparable sound quality, you can get it, but it’s going to cost you substantially more.

If you’re looking for a lower price point, you can get it, but your sound quality is going to suffer.

Basically, Google discontinuing Chromecast Audio was a blow to audio connoisseurs everywhere.

Hopefully, they are working on a replacement that offers the same quality at the same price for release in the near future.

12 thoughts on “Google Chromecast Audio Alternatives: The Best Options (2022 Update)”

  1. My two RU-J42 units disappeared from my Google Home app, as I watched……
    I attempted to ‘add another device’…. But, Home app no longer ‘detects’ them….!

  2. If you are in to Apple one option is to buy a raspberry pi( zero) and attach an external DAC, then run volumio on it. it can stream airplay + a lots of other functions.

  3. They have these generic Chromecast looking devices on eBay called “Audiocast” but I have no idea if they support the Chromecast clients or standard because I believe due to fear of lawsuits, they don’t even include if that’s an option. But, I’m assuming it is. But I’m not sure. I don’t want to be the one to try it and have it not work out so maybe someone can let us know!

  4. I’m sure glad I purchased my Chromecast audio devices a few years ago. Thus, my family room Denon 8.1 Dolby home theater system with 8 speakers (including vintage JBL 4312 studio monitors), Vizio sound bar and subwoofer in the master bedroom, Kurzweil powered speakers in the living room, Kliptsh THX speakers with subwoofer in my office, Toshiba stereo with JBL pro speakers and subwoofer in my garage, Onkyo receiver with Bose sound cubes and subwoofer in the dining room, JBL Charge 3 portable speakers in the two kids rooms, Google Nest speakers in hallway, kitchen and exercise room, Google Nest Minis in three bathrooms, and Bose Revolve portable speaker for outdoors, pretty much has my house “wired” without having to run cables and switches. My investment in quality sound goes back to the early 1980s, and with Google Chromecast devices, my 15 room system beats any wi-fi based Sonos or Bose systems available today.

    1. I have a similar setup to yours. I have my TVs and projectors connected with chromecast TV and then all the audio is a combination of chromecast audio and google speakers. I’m happy with it but dread the day that the chromecast audios pack up. I have purchased a few spare ones but there just is no google/nest equivalent anymore. I can’t believe that google have not even provided an aux/optical out on the nest mini’s.
      Its really disappointing as like you I have very good audio gear and I will not replace it with Sonos or apple speakers.

  5. Advance Paris , wtx micro streamer is a better, price/performance alternative to google chromecast audio, it comes with a built in Wolfson WM8740 dac, and a nice/stable player app both for ios and android.

  6. With Chromecast audio, you can use a mini audio jack – RCA adaptor to stream music to a vintage stereo system or an older boom box. Do any or all of the above suggestions offer the same utility? In other words, do they have mini (or regular) audio jacks?

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